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Step Into 2021 Organized

Since we've been locked down, our homes have taken on a lot more use and it's probably showing. It's been said that the state of your home can reflect the state of your mind, and for me that's very true.

Stepping into a new year can be a good time to get things under control. We don't know what the near or distant future will bring, but your home (and your mind) can feel more at ease by taking a few things into consideration when cleaning up the chaos.

Have you recently discovered that your counters can no longer stay clean? Perhaps it's time to clean out your kitchen drawers and cupboards to make room for the things you find you can never fit back in there. You should by now realize what you're not using, or hate using, and can box it up to better house the things you love.

Are you tripping over shoes and boots at the door? Now is a good time to assess what doesn't fit any more, or is ready for the garbage. Maybe a basket is a better solution for flipflops than a shoe shelf, and save the cubbies for sneakers? Boots are seasonal, but we all know with Alberta winters that it can be deceiving as to when is a good time to pack them up. If the rest of your shoe space is tidy, having your boots out isn't as big of an obstacle.

The beginning of a year is a great time to make sure your filing is done. Since tax season is approaching, you can refresh your memory as to where your tax slips are. Keeping a file at the front of your filing drawer, or handy on your desk/counter is a quick way to make sure you're not forgetting anything by the time you have to hand it in. Most accountants have a checklist you can request to ensure you're getting the best chance at having your return be complete, and making their job a little easier. Be sure to check your emails for digital receipts for tax donations!

Speaking of emails, if your inbox(es) is overflowing with spam, now is also a good time to unsubscribe or cancel subscriptions or accounts that you no longer use. Reducing the amount of notifications that interrupt your day for less than stellar reasons is a great way to make finding the important emails that much faster.

Whatever you decide to take on this year, be sure to include some sorting/purging in your resolutions. If you're finding that it's too much for you to handle alone, that's what we are here to help with. Let us handle the workload and fine tune the details to best suit your needs and situation. Then the spoils of some free time are yours.

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