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Post COVID-19 Pet Habits

Pets and their owners have adjusted to the constant presence of each other, and the support and comfort it has brought throughout the coronavirus lock-down. Unfortunately, pets have also become reliant on the attention. While humans can understand and deal with the the sudden changes that a return to work will bring, pets are unfairly faced with possible feelings of abandonment.

In order to ensure your pets will not have to suffer through a depression while coming to terms with the new arrangement, some tips from the Ontario SPCA can help:

1. Create a consistent daily routine. If your pet only went on three walks per day before

COVID-19, maintain that level so when you return to work, your pet doesn’t expect to

go on 10 walks a day!

2. Mealtime is the most anticipated event of the day and should be given at roughly the

same time daily. If your pet’s meal times have changed since you’ve been home more,

slowly start to move the time back to when they would normally be fed.

3. Institute “nap time” or “quiet time” throughout the day. This should be a time for rest,

away from you (not under the desk, or perhaps on it, in your home office) to help your

pet adjust to more upcoming time alone.

4. Go outside for a few minutes and then return. Animals need to understand that you can

leave, and you always come back. That will help reduce separation anxiety.

5. Provide self-entertaining toys, or chew toys, to encourage independent activities.

One very large benefit of all this home time has been the chance to spend quality time with

your loyal, furry friend. While dog owners out there might be faced with the need to tune up

their dog’s obedience and behavior (pulling on the leash and excessive barking spring to

mind), don’t forget to have fun as well. The wonderful thing about pets is the endless supply of love that they give to you; these are relationships worth nurturing.

When your schedule returns to a new normal, remember that Make Time Innovations is here to help provide your pets with some extra love and attention to help make the transition easier; for them and for you!

We provide pet services in the Slave Lake area, such as: dog walks/jogs, in home pet visits (for play or feedings), and chauffeuring to veterinary or grooming appointments.

Give us a shout, or check out the services section on our website to learn more.

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