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Warehouse Shopping in the "Shop Local" Age, Making Cents of your Dollars

With the ever increasing "Shop Local" movement, one would wonder why making a trip to a warehouse store like Costco is still a thing. We aren't against supporting local businesses, we are one! Often people just need to get out of town for the day and stopping to pick up necessities is always a way to justify it. But, what if you AREN'T the one driving in? How then do you justify placing a call to Make Time Innovations for a Costco grocery order?

The Number One Reason? Savings

By hiring us to do the shopping and delivery for you, you don't have to miss work, your kids don't have to miss school and you don't have to hear, "Are we there yet? I'm hungry! How far until the bathroom?" But most importantly, you can save a whole lot of money.

Name brand items at local grocery stores can cost 10-40% more, based on weight/volume per unit. Even no-name or store brand items are often more expensive than Costco's Kirkland brand, which is usually equally as good quality, if not better. Considering an average Costco receipt is around the $400 mark, and most people shop once per month at Costco, one could potentially save around $480-$1900 per year! If that isn't savings enough for you, then hiring us to shop for you is going to sweeten the pot. Costco's multiplier factor causes your $400 grocery trip to round up closer to $800 at the till. How does this happen? The answer is impulse buying. We aren't distracted by the cool clothes, housewares and seasonal furniture or decorations that are lurking around each end of the aisles and throughout the middle of the store. We work from a list that you have filled out, you won't be surprised by anything on your receipt. Of course, if those items are on your list we'd be happy to contact you to make sure we're getting the right items you're looking for, based on what's available. So, now your savings have massively increased, you didn't have to miss work, and the fees to hire us are still within your budget!

Warehouse Shopping Is Smart Hoarding

Generally, food and other products that Costco keeps in stock are sold in larger quantities than local grocers, and cost less per kilogram or unit. The reason for this is Costco is a wholesaler. It charges less markup to its customers, making up for it in membership fees. Make Time Innovations staff have memberships and pass the savings on to you. Not only are you saving money, but you're saving trips to the store. Your local grocer still gets your business from your day to day needs, but stocking up from Costco for the things you use most often makes cents and sense.

Making it Last Thanks to Product Quality

Have you ever noticed that produce you buy from Costco looks better and lasts longer? Costco buys in volume to keep prices lower. They sell to a large customer base, so they can rotate stock faster and therefore keeping the produce available fresher, because it spends less time waiting in the store before it gets to you. Add to that the wide variety and high quality of meats and prepared foods, and availability of popular name brands, and a Make Time Innovations Costco run is without a doubt the best way to spend your grocery dollars.

Hurry Up and Wait, or Avoiding the Lineups

Anyone travelling to Edmonton for shopping, entertainment or appointments dreads the thought of hitting a crowded Costco to pick up groceries at the end of the day before heading home, especially on a Saturday. Fortunately we are happy to do the run for you and deliver to your home. We have a pre-designed shopping list spreadsheet, based on the products most often purchased at Costco, that we will email you. You fill it out, add anything extra you might want us to look for, and send it back. It's that easy!

Convenience Is...Well...Convenient

We understand that not everyone is rolling in the dollar bills in their savings accounts. We are conveniently able to accept e-transfers, and PayPal payments. PayPal allows you to pay via credit card in a secure manner and we never have to take your credit card information. For Costco runs we estimate the cost of the groceries based on researched pricing. You pre-pay that amount and when we show up with your filled list, we provide the receipt, calculate the difference, add our fee and you pay the amount left. Never more. No bank machine runs, no cheques to track, no hassle. Everything settled at your door and at your convenience.

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